Jackson "Jax" Bloodworth

A tower of muscle encased in armor.


A tower of muscle encased in armor. To his back is strapped a large, blunted axe, scarred from frequent use. His face is likewise marred, about three fourths covered in thick scars. His hair is black as jet, and braided cleanly before being pulled back into a small tail, a few beads adorn it here and there. His face bears a goatee, in spite of his scarring. His eyes are a deep brown, though a spark of intellect flashed behind his eyes.


Mother: Maria Bloodworth
Father: Hecktor Bloodworth
Siblings: Korval, Jerai, and Lorelai Bloodworth

Early Life: Jax was born to a small family, his mother and father ran a small butcher’s shop in Korvosa, specifically Old Korvosa, with his help. Later on he was joined by his two younger brothers and his sister. Eventually his family moved from Korvosa to Veldraine, as nothing ruins a business quite like a wrestling pair of pseudodragon and imp falling through the roof on a semi-regular basis. Jax and his family set up shop in Veldraine and were more successful for it. As he grew, Jax knew something was a bit different about him, as he was able to haul entire sides of beef by himself. He got into quite a few fights and got a reputation for being one of the best brawlers in town.

Adulthood: Once he came of age, he decided to get formal training through the Valdraineian guard. He rose quickly through the ranks b being compitant in a battle and by accumulating an impressive array of near-leathal injuries, even surviving a Morningstar tearing part of his face off. He was, eventually given his own command but he retired early and left the city, moving to magnimar for a less structured life.

Present: Jax has only been in magnimar for a few weeks and only just found work as a Pathfinder.

Jackson "Jax" Bloodworth

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