Sliver Ciala

Squirrelfolk bard, slight issues with reality


Born to a reclusive people with little contact with the “civilized” world, Sliver spent her first years as most squirrelfolk spend their lives, among her own kind, her only meetings with the common races the traders who occasionally passed through. Curious from before she could walk, Sliver was fascinated by each newcomer, and once old enough to talk, she would beg each one for stories of the world outside her own forest life.

Sliver was only seven when Avi came through, travelling with a merchant caravan. A bard of quite respectable skill, though perhaps not so respectable as he might tend to claim, and with years of travels and adventures to tell of and exaggerate. Sliver grew attached to him in a matter of hours, and the bard himself was fascinated by the energetic little creature. In no time, Sliver was loath to leave his side, and her parents had begun to see him as a chance for their bright and inquisitive daughter to have a chance at a bigger life. With their blessing, when Avi left the village after a few weeks’ break from his travels, his newly adopted squirrelfolk “daughter” left beside him, with barely a look back.

Over years of travels together, the pair began to see each other as true family, Avi treating Sliver with all the attention and affection due any daughter. Sliver enjoyed the chance to spend her childhood and adolescence seeing far more of the world than most would in an entire lifetime. Unfortunately, while Avi doted on his daughter, he could never claim to be a natural at teaching a daughter many important life skills. His own experience limited outside of song and tales, those were the skills and knowledge he passed on to her. Between an education that came almost entirely from stories where the hero always won and the dragon was always slain, Avi’s protection, and no small amount of sheer luck, Sliver grew up with little knowledge of the harsher realities of life or the trials of others, the squirrel rarely given reason to draw distinction between the happiest of bard’s tales and real life.

This obliviousness to the existence of others’ misfortune did not breed a woman with a strong sense of empathy, and despite her genuine desire to be “good”, at least in the heroic sense, Sliver waltzed through life with less and less consideration for anything but whatever trinket or treasure or story captured her fleeting attention, and the simple, unshakable knowledge that she too would someday have stories and song told and sung about her.

Eventually, though, the years began to catch up to the aging bard, and long journeys began to lose their luster. With a mix of regret and relief, Avi took the sum of money he’d saved over the years, and bought himself a comfortable home in a small town, quite content to spend the rest of his years singing for the grateful audience there. He would hear nothing of Sliver giving up her adventurers to join him, however, and despite her regrets at parting from her only real family, the little squirrel couldn’t be happy with such a quiet life. Taking the natural route with the skills her father had left for her, she chose to head back off into the wider world and follow in his footsteps as a travelling bard herself…at least, until she could find some cities to save and dragons to slay!

Now on her own for the first time, with her head full of stories of grand adventures, the little squirrel finds herself in the big city, the perfect place to begin her own story.

Sliver Ciala

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