Stoic defender of the Society


Gleinien Aanlalmaed, or also known as Glenn to make things easier, is a peculiar elf to some.

From the first glance, any young initiate to the Pathfinders can see nothing but an old, grey, dried out old tree. His temper dry, absent of any fey-like whim people usually attribute to elves. Only the oldest humans remember when he joined, having been a solid pillar in the Pathfinder Society for over a 50 years by now. And compounded into these facts is the detail that he is not only a religious elf, but an Abadaran. The reason for this combination of personal attributes is something he rarely lets slip.

At the Society, he is known for one thing and that is discipline. A commonplace scuttle he has had with many believers of more “lax” gods such as Desnans and Caydenites is usually sparked by their doubt why a man of such strict faith would be ready to serve such a freewheeling and loose society as Pathfinders are. And to these questions the answer is the same. “To discover is human, but to contain is divine.” The exploration and discoveries of artefacts is secondary to their safekeeping. The world would possibly be reduced to ruin if these items were found by others, with more reckless intents.

While his dry delivery and overly polite delivery might give a bad first impression of him to those that were assigned on same mission as him for the first time, they quickly learn that there are reliable aspects to that. “The elf says there is something suspicious about our…” is a phrase first said with mockery, but later said with worry, as his judge of character proves right. Or his patient and careful fighting style.


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